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New! Gil is scanning negatives again, and Judy is working on a gallery of photos. We've finished China 1997 and Volga 1996. Now I'm working on Thailand with Australia coming up.

USSR 1979 Photo Gallery

China 1997 Photo Gallery

Volga 1996 Photo Gallery

Thailand 1999 Photo Gallery

This website is maintained by Judy and Gil Nicholls for communicating to friends and family -- mostly with photos of our trips and photos of friends and family and their projects. Alas, it has been sorely neglected for a few years as Judy became too busy with photography to keep up with this website.

Judy's Nicholls Photo website is photographs that she sells, as opposed to fun photos, family photos, travelogues arranged in photo galleries by subject. The photo blog, is a place she posts some pictures she particularly likes on a fairly regular basis. There is also a Nicholls Photo Facebook Page.

Judy is a partner in the largest gallery in Wimberley: Art on 12. She is also a member of the art co-op in Wimberley called Bent Tree Gallery and an exhibiting member of the New Braunfels Art League.

You can also view a couple of photo books Judy published at Magcloud and MyPublisher:

We did have some photo galleries, but they got too hard to maintain on the server with constant program updates. As I have time, I will make new galleries in a different tool.

Slide show presentations of Gil, Joyce, Bruce, Douglas, and Nathan's summer vacations: Mexico 1968 & 1972, National Parks 1965-66, and Summer Vacations 1969 & 1970.

Over the years Gil has scanned thousands of slides and negatives and Judy is way behind in cataloging them and making them available. For those of you with slides, we suggest you take a look at yours. We have found that slides fade, change color, and mold. Hence we are trying to get them scanned and onto a computer before further deterioration occurs.

Below are a few fun ones from the past...

Nathan and the lobsters, 2011

Bruce and Malihe's wedding, 2006
Gil and Liam in front of the
old Jensen-Healey, 2011
Gil and Mike, 2006
Judy's mother Ruby on a Rhine Cruise in 1982
Judy and Gil in Cinque Terre in 1993

Our concerns and interests, besides our personal hobbies, include protecting the environment, responsible government, conservation, human rights, protection of those among us not as lucky as we are, and most of all combating global warming.

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