JAlbum Thailand 1999

These photos are from a travel agent familarization trip in March 1999. Gil had retired and was operating a travel agency, focusing mostly on internet customers, Apple Vacations, and other leisure trips. Being a trip just for travel agents, they felt comfortable modifying the normal itinerary to include unusual places, such as crossing the border to Myanmar and spending a while in Laos.

I took two cameras: one SLR film camera (negative film) and a new digital Mavica FD91.

This will be one of my worst documented photo galleries because despite searching several times I have been unable to find the materials from the trips in my file cabinets. The only thing I have is identification of each of the negatives done soon after our return. The rest is guesswork.
  • Bangkok

  • Golden Triangle

  • Laos

  • Myanmar

  • Chiang Mai

  • Wat Prathat

  • Chiang Mai II

  • Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong II

  • Macau