Novosibirsk 2

We got back to Novosibirsk from our journeys just in time for the May Day parade and a going-away picnic.

May Day in Soviet Russia was International Workers Day. Hence we decided it was not a good idea to participate in the parade. Besides, we got to see it that way.

The picnic was too early really, in Novosibirsk, but our hosts and friends wanted to show us a real outdoor Russian picnic. That wet wood was really hard to start burning! But the weather was quite good and we had a great time. It took a lot of drinking to do a Russian picnic!
  • Institute with Lenin, after our return
  • No Neutron Bomb (and Gil)
  • Nuclear Physics Institute part of the parade
  • Tasting the food
  • Gregory, firemaker
  • Shashlik!